Manage clients, bookings and screenings faster... and easier.

Reference Verification
Karma automatically verifies your dates' previous references. You don't have to do anything!
Work Verification
Karma automatically verifies your dates' work information, discreetly, without ever emailing them at work.
Background Checks
Karma is integrated with multiple background check databases, such as dating blacklists, National Sex Offender Registry, etc.
Automated Booking
Everything is automated. Automatic email/SMS notifications and reminders, accept/reject, click-and-go with no login.
Appointment Management
Organize your dates by groups and search your old dates. Send emails to different groups of dates to notify them if you are traveling.
Availability Calendar
Easily add your availability to a calendar so your dates know when you are available or not available for bookings.

With Karma, you can easily manage your...

Easily personalize your screening requirements.
Allow your dates to book directly from your website.
Manage all your clients, history, blacklists, etc.
Let your dates know when you're available to meet.
How does Karma work?
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